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? *Frequently Asked Questions ?
Why Aerobic? Septic systems are not suitable for every lot. In fact,
approximately two-thirds of all the land area in the U.S. is estimated
to be unsuitable for the installation of septic systems. Some homes
may not have enough land area or appropriate soil conditions to accommodate
a full sized soil absorption drainfield.
When is an aerobic system the best option? An aerobic system may be
the best option when the soil quality is not appropriate for a septic
system, there is high groundwater or shallow bedrock, a higher level
of wastewater treatment is required, a septic system has failed or
there is not enough land available for a septic system.
Why would I need to spend extra money for an aerobic treatment unit?
Why can’t I just have a septic tank installed? A standard septic tank
only removes about 60-70% of the organic waste in domestic wastewater,
while a properly installed and functioning aerobic unit can remove
more than 95% of the organic waste. This creates an effluent that
is safer for people, animals, and the environment. It also means that
you would need a smaller space for discharge of the effluent. In addition,
many state and local regulations require some kind of secondary treatment
(such as aerobic treatment) of wastewater depending on the size of
the property, proximity to rivers or lakes, source of drinking water,
and ground conditions..

What can happen if my wastewater is not properly treated? Why should
I care? Improperly treated wastewater, when discharged into lakes,
rivers, or groundwater, can contaminate public and private water sources
over a wide area. This contamination can lead to outbreaks of such
deadly waterborne diseases as cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid, polio,
hepatitis, and meningitis. You can also be fined if your system is
causing pollution.
Who will tell me what type of installation/products are required in
my area, and how much an installation typically costs in my area?
State and local regulations can help you determine the requirements
of your particular situation. Your trained, licensed Aqua-Klear dealer
can help you decide which system will best meet your needs-technically
and financially.
Mississippi Law Section 41-67-6
(5) Any person who installs an individual on-site wastewater disposal
system shall sign and file with the department an affidavit that the
system was  installed in compliance with all requirements and regulations
applicable to that type of system. If any person or contractor fails
to comply with all requirements and regulations in the installation
of the system, the board, after due notice and hearing, may levy an
administrative fine not to exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).
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